Pokémon GO Tips and Tricks That Have Not Been Revealed Yet

Pokémon GO Tips and Tricks That Have Not Been Revealed Yet

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Pokémon GO tips and tricks have been popping up all over, but these few tips have likely not been seen by the public eye yet. These tips come straigt from reddit where the community dissects the game daily.

For these to come out on reddit and get such a high up-vote means they are definitely worth noting and the best thing about them is that they’re new! These are tips you most likely never thought about it or have only been found very recently:

  1. Pokemon back up after escaping the first Pokeball. You will have to throw further to catch them, or if they are too far back (like pidgeot) you can run from it and re-engage the Pokemon for an easier throw.
  2. Double tapping the map and swiping up/down will zoom out/in.
  3. Tapping the compass icon alternates between orienting the map north and to the direction your trainer is facing. (seems to work differently while moving however)
  4. Sort by HP (which people often say is broken) sorts by percentage of remaining HP, not total HP- useful-ish in potion screen only.
  5. You don’t need to pop all the bubbles at a Pokestop. Closing the screen will pop them automatically.

And then a few other things that I have seen mentioned here, but fit in the same vein:

  1. You can see the trainer who dropped a lure by tapping on the lure icon in the pokestop screen.
  2. You can swipe to different submenus directly by dragging the pokeball to their location from the map screen.https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemongo/comments/4t777k/tip_access_your_submenus_faster_by_swiping_from/
  3. Collect rewards for defending gyms from the top right of the shop menu. 500 dust and 10 pokecoins per gym per 21hrs
  4. A couple extra tidbits- eggs count toward pokemon total, and leveling with a full item bag will overflow the bag and let you keep the items.

Please let us know any new tips that we may have missed in the comments below. We will likely compile another updated list as time passes.

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