12 Pokémon That Will Get a New Evolution in Pokémon GO Gen 2

12 Pokémon That Will Get a New Evolution in Pokémon GO Gen 2

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Pokémon GO Gen 2 will certainly becoming sooner rather than later and it’s becoming obvious that a lot of new Pokémon will be showing up.  Not only will unseen Pokémon surface, evolutions will too.
Some Pokémon that are currently in the game will have more evolutions onces Gen 2 comes out and that will certainly make saving your candies worthwhile.   A lot of this information was found at pokemongoinformer.  Here are 12 Pokémon that you should save your candies for:

12. Crobat

pokemon go gen 2 evolutions

Zubats are one of the most common things to find in Pokémon GO right now, so saving up candies for it won’t be hard at all.  Crobat is the evolved form of Crobat, so expect to see a lot of these when Gen 2 comes out.

11. Bellossom

pokemon go gen 2 evolutions

Bellossom is an alternative final stage of Gloom which is pretty boring.  You might need a Sun Stone as you needed in previous games, but we’ll see what Pokémon GO decides to do.

10. Politoed

pokemon go gen 2 evolutions

Politoed is an alternative evolution to Poliwhirl and you might need something else besides candies to evolve it, just like in previous games.  This Pokémon looks way different that Poliwrath.

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