3 Types of Spawn Nests Revealed in Pokémon Go

3 Types of Spawn Nests Revealed in Pokémon Go

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One thing that Silph Road on Reddit is good at is digging through data and codes to find out new information on Pokémon Go. According to a forum on Silph Road, players have started noticing changing spawn rates. Here’s what we know.

We do know that there hasn’t been a migration as of yet even though it’s been over 24 days since the last one. However, new spawns have been popping up in the game along with different kinds of nests. According to iTechPost, this is what we know about the 3 types of nests:

If you have noticed a nest in your area, be it old or new, it is important to note that there are 3 types of nests, and you should know what to avoid:

  • Cluster spawnnest = yields terrible stat and low IV Pokemon
  • Frequent areanest = yields high stat Pokemon
  • Frequent pointnest = yields high stat Pokemon

The type of nests is self-explanatory in its name. The important thing to remember and note to verify if they are nests is that the spawned Pokemon must be basic, meaning it has not evolved yet. As of this writing, there are no nests reported that spawn already-evolved Pokemon.

There are many reports on Silph Road forums of these nests and spawns being accurate. Reddit user Kazrasuya also confirmed the prospect of varying and changing nests:

I have noticed this as well. A couple houses down from me is a cluster spawn, usually pidgey, weedle, and rattata. Occasionally I would get a Tauros and the rarest I have gotten was Magmar. Just today Kabuto and Cubone started spawning at this point frequently and have never been anywhere in my area before. Could be coincidence, but I was also pondering the idea that they increased the likelihood of these spawns.

Thanks to Silph Road, we have a very informative video on how spawns work in Pokémon Go. This will tell you everything you need to know about spawns and nests:

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