Advanced Pokémon GO Tips Since the Latest September Update

Advanced Pokémon GO Tips Since the Latest September Update

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Pokémon hunting can be fun but it can also be frustrating especially when you know that Dratini is close by but you just can’t catch it. Here are some tools every serious trainer should use.

  1. Find rare Pokémon.

Pokevision may have been shut down by Niantic but Go Radar is still available for users. With Go Radar, you can even filter out Pokémon you don’t want like Pidgeys and Rattatas and it will just show the rare Pokémon in your area. iPhone users can find the app in the App Store and since there’s no app for Android users, a free web app is also available.

  1. Learn the specific IV of each Pokémon

Poke Genie is the best tool to find out what the individual value of your Pokémon are. Why are IV’s important? Business Insider explains:

            “CP is important for a Pokémon’s strength, but there’s one important stat that the game hides called Individual Values (IV). Your Pokémon’s IV is its overall health, which includes stats for attack, defence, and stamina. The appraisal feature that was recently added to Pokémon Go gives you an idea of what your IV values are, but not exact percentages like the Poke Genie app. The free tool screenshots of your Pokémon to tell you exactly how healthy they are. The higher IV your Pokémon has, the more valuable it is at fighting and defending in gyms. If you have two of the same Pokémon, it’s best to keep the one with a higher IV vs. CP and spend candies to strengthen it over time.”

Before you decide which Pokémon you want to evolve and power up, you need to figure out which one has the highest IV level. Poke Genie will help you find out.

  1. How to win your next gym battle

The type of each Pokémon is a very important factor when it comes to gm battles. Your Jolteon may be strong but it’s useless against rock type.  Super Effective will help you figure out which types your Pokémon is vulnerable to. For example, if you look up Lapras, Super Effective will show you that it is not strong against grass types, rock types, electric types, or fighting types. You can also find out exactly which Pokémon and its recommended CP is needed to defeat a certain Pokémon using Pokewin.

Good luck, trainers!

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