Artist Rethinks Pokémon Go Design for Upcoming Gen 2 Release

Artist Rethinks Pokémon Go Design for Upcoming Gen 2 Release

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Trading, player vs. player, and Generation 2 Pokemon are coming and  a designer from Vancouver named Albert Choi has revealed some great ideas to the world of UI and Pokemon Go.

Keep in mind, these are just ideas for Pokemon Go, not actually confirmed by Niantic but these images may give you an idea of how the future of Pokemon Go might look.


First, Choi separated the two generations of Pokemon into a Johto and Kanto Pokedex:



Choi also designed a completely new tracking system that looks much better than the one we have now. Sure, the tracker has improved but it only helps when the player is near pokestops. This tracker would make the game a lot easier.

First, he separates the tracks into:

  • Familiar Poke Tracks and
  • Unidentified Poke Tracks

According to Pokemon Go Hub, here’s how it works:

As per his idea, you know “how steps look like” for Pokemon you already caught or successfully tracked. For others, you need to use an special item called Footprint identifier that helps you track and catch a Pokemon.


This is how he describes the system in his own words:

How It Works: Footprints can be scanned using a new item called the Footprint Identifier. When the footprint is scanned, it will identify the Pokémon and will show the distance and now direction in where the Pokémon is located. If I were Niantic, I would use this feature for more rare Pokémon so it adds a bit of difficulty to the game. Now this is feature isn’t available all the time, you need batteries to activate the Footprint Identifier which is part of a new items class which we will get to in a bit!

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are definitely something missing from the game and it would make Pokemon Go much more fun and exciting. We know that shiny Pokemon are coming soon since they were found in a data mine from recent update and this is how Choi believes they should look:



It would make sense that when trading and battling do become features in the game, players will have to meet up in person to use them. It would be very smart for Pokemon Go to create Trading Centers and Battle Centers in sponsored locations in order to make a profit because those locations will get tons of business from providing such a feature. Here is what Choi thinks it should look like on our screens:


Just seeing these ideas is so exciting! I can’t wait to be able to trade and battle with other players. Here are some other visuals for the upcoming features:

And some ideas for the Battle Center:

There are a lot of ideas listed and you can find them all here. Listed below are some of my favorites including legendaries, new items, and following you friend’s feeds!

Which idea do you like the most?

  • Michael

    Honestly? I like all the ideas!

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