BREAKING: Pokemon GO Introducing New ‘Buddy System’

BREAKING: Pokemon GO Introducing New ‘Buddy System’

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Thanks to the latest data mine, we now know that the buddy system will be introduced to the game soon. This means you will be able to walk with your Pokémon.

Here’s what we know so far according to Pokémon Go Hub:

  • Pokemon Buddy System is using the same server side distance calculation as the one used for Pokemon Eggs
  • Walking your Pokemon Buddy will award you with candy. The amount of candy is yet to be determined.
  • You can walk the same Pokemon Buddy multiple times, but there is likely a daily limitfor obtained candy
  • You can walk with only one Buddy Pokemon at a time
  • There are various looks of Buddy Pokemon
    • Medium size
    • Big size
    • Flying next to you
    • Rests on your shoulder

There is also going to be various looks for your buddy Pokémon. You can carry it on your shoulder, let it fly next to you, or make it bigger or smaller. You will also only be able to walk with one Pokémon at a time.

It’s possible that this feature will be available in an update coming next week. Get excited, trainers!

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