Buddy System Has Arrived: Here’s What We Know

Buddy System Has Arrived: Here’s What We Know

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While the Buddy System is currently unavailable in the United States, it is likely that it will arrive tomorrow. The update appears to be available in Australia so we have new information on the update and what we have to look forward to.

  1. App displays how far you need to walk for each Pokémon.

As soon as you have updated the app and log in, it will start tracking your kms immediately. Like the egg feature, under your Buddy Pokémon is the amount you have walked and the distance you need to walk in order to earn a candy.


  1. You cannot put your Buddy Pokémon into a gym.

According to Reddit users LevitatingMoose:

“Just went on a gym run and found out that I could not put my Snorlax (who I had as my buddy) in the gym. So I switched over to my low CP Snorlax instead after earning his candy. So if you want to earn candies for your Dragonite and still want to put him in a gym… I suggest you put your Dratini/Dragonair in. Just thought you all might like this piece of info.”

Basically, don’t make your strongest Pokémon your buddy if you want candy. Use a duplicate Pokémon with lower CP instead.

  1. Previously unknown distances for certain Buddy Pokémon has been leaked

Thanks to the Silph Road research group, we have a visual guide to all of the distances required to walk with each Pokémon in order to get candy. There were a few rare and legendary Pokémon that were missing because, until now, the requirements were unknown. According to a data mine on Silph Road, we know the km requirements:

“Ditto: km_buddy_distance: 3
Articuno: km_buddy_distance: 5
Zapdos: km_buddy_distance: 5
Moltres: km_buddy_distance: 5
Mewtwo: km_buddy_distance: 5
Mew: km_buddy_distance: 5”

  1. Appraisals have changed.

The Buddy System is not the only thing that has changed thanks to the new update. Now we have brand new appraisals that include a bigger leader picture and the background matches your team color.


The update will most likely be available in the U.S. tomorrow or Tuesday so keep checking for updates!

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