Candies You Should Collect Before Gen 2

Candies You Should Collect Before Gen 2

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Gen 2 is definitely happening at some point so trainers should do everything they can to prepare. When Steelix is finally available, you’ll wish you would have saved up those Onix candies. Here are all of the Pokémon candies (along with the predicted amounts you’ll need to evolve) you should be saving to be ready for Gen 2.

  1. Slowpoke (100 candies)

According to Rankedboost, Slowking is going to have a Max CP of 2232 which could make it one of the strongest. While it may take 50 candies to evolve Slowpoke to Slowking, it’s likely going to be a 100. Slowking is a lot more powerful than Slowpoke so don’t be so quick to get rid of those Slowpoke candies.

  1. Eeevee (25 candies)

If you already have a quality Flareon, Vapereon, and a Jolteon, there’s really no reason to keep evolving those Eevees. The best advice I can give you is to save your Eevees with the highest CP and get rid of the rest. Make sure to save those Eevee candies! Espeon (max CP 1911) and Umbreon (max CP 1938) going to be a very powerful Pokémon and you don’t want to miss out. When Gen 2 drops, Eevees are probably going to be a lot harder to come by.

  1. Scyther (50 candies)

Sure Scyther is a cool looking Pokémon but Scizor (max CP: 1910) is even cooler. Right now Scyther can’t evolve but it doesn’t hurt to start saving those candies.

  1. Onix (50 candies)

Right now Onix is a quality catch but Steelix (max CP 1754) is what you really want. While it will only cost 50 candies to evolve, Onix can be hard to find. Save up all the candies you can and save your Onix with the highest IV rating.

  1. Horsea (100 candies)

Horsea is not the greatest Pokémon right now but when it evolves into Kingdra (max CP: 2300), it becomes extremely powerful.

  1. Porygon (50 candies)

Porygon is one of the rarer Pokémon but if you have a chance to stock up on Porygon candies you should. Porygon 2 (max CP: 2290) will be worth the effort.

  1. Pollywag (100 candies)

In Gen 1, Pollywag evolves into Pollywhirl and then into Pollywrath. However, in Gen 2 it can also evolve into Politoed (max CP: 2089) because it is one of the Branch Evolution Pokémon. We don’t know right now if Politoed will be more powerful than Pollwrath but, hey, you’ve got to complete your Pokédex right? Save your most powerful Pollywhirl and stock up on Pollywag candies to be ready for Gen 2.

  1. Oddish (100 candies)

Oddish is another Branch Evolution Pokémon in Gen 2. It evolves into Bellossom (max CP: 2031). In Gen 1, Oddish evolves into Gloom and then Vileplum which is grass/poison. Bellossom is a pure grass type.

  1. Zubat (100 candies)

The third Branch Evolution Pokémon is Zubat and while it is one of the most difficult Pokémon to catch, they’re one of the most common. As frustrating as it may be, try catching as many Zubats you can so you can get Crobat (max CP: 1997).

  1. Chansey (50 candies)

Chansey can’t evolve right now but when Gen 2 drops, it will evolve into Blissey. While Blissey only has a max CP of 921, it’s totally adorable and it will be very hard to find.

Let’s get ready for Gen 2!

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