How to Catch Pokémon You Haven’t Already Caught

How to Catch Pokémon You Haven’t Already Caught

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Pokémon Go Plus is changing the way users catch Pokémon in big ways. The way the device works is pretty simple. You just wear the little gadget around your wrist and it will notify you when a Pokestop or a Pokémon is near by. You can catch the Pokémon by pressing a button. For such a small device, it seems to be capable of so much more than we originally thought.

When the Pokémon Go Plus was first announced, it was stated that you could not catch Pokémon you haven’t already caught with the device. This wasn’t just a rumor. This was official information spread by Niantic. It appears that this is actually untrue according to this screenshot from Reddit user Snoflyer22:


At first, it was widely believed that catching Pokémon you haven’t already caught was impossible but it is definitely not true! If you see the yellow light, that means you are up against a Pokémon you haven’t caught before. Here’s a tip: when you see the yellow light, open the app when because if it’s a Pokémon that you haven’t caught before, it may be a rare one. You’re going to want to use your Great Balls or Ultra Balls for it. Unfortunately, Pokémon Go Plus only throws Pokeballs.

Here are some more screenshots that will help you get a better idea of how it works:



The Pokémon Go Plus came out on Friday but they can be hard to find since they’re sold out almost everywhere. My advice to you is to wait until Monday to get them because that’s when the 48 hour hold on pre-ordered devices will expire which means the unclaimed ones will hit shelves. At that point, it will be first come, first serve. Good luck!

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