Details on Daily Quests Found in Pokémon Go Datamine

Details on Daily Quests Found in Pokémon Go Datamine

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Niantic is currently working on a new incentive for Pokémon Go players to stay active by offering daily quests. These quests were found in a recent data dump and, as far as we know, there are two types of quests in the works according to Pokémon Go Hub.

Daily Quests:

  • First Catch of the Day
  • First Pokestop of the Day

As of right now, it appears that a reward for these daily quests are incubators since the term incubator popped up a lot in the code. Also, according to Pokémon Go Hub, this feature is in the metadata which means that they can turn it on at any point.

According to GameRant, there is another quest found in the code but it is currently unknown:

There’s a few things to unpack from this code. The first few lines suggest that there are three kinds of quests incoming: first catch of the day, first Pokestop visit of the day, and one unknown quest. It seems likely that the third would be a rotating quest that is different each day.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of what rewards the quests would hand out. The code does mention Egg Incubators (one of the items that is currently only obtainable in the shops), but it isn’t clear that the incubators are a reward. Regardless of what the rewards are, daily quests would be a big step in the right direction for Pokemon GO. Although the game is still pulling in about two million dollars a day, lots of users have lost the motivation to login and use the app on a daily basis.

BGR reports that there is more to these quests than meets the eye:

The code also suggests that trainers will be able to perform Streaks, i.e. complete multiple Daily Quests in a row for potential bonuses on top of the standard rewards. The code references both a Current Streak Count and a Current Period Bucket(which is described as “the currently active questing period”).

Pokémon Go is on a role right now with the Halloween event, new nest migrations, and gym re-balancing. But soon the game will change even more with daily quests. Since daily activity has dwindled in the past few months, this is going to bring the players back to the game and make it more fun for everyone.

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