Details Leaked on Buddy System Candy Requirements

Details Leaked on Buddy System Candy Requirements

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While the update is not available for everyone yet, there are some users who have been able to start using the new Buddy System in certain parts of the world. It doesn’t appear to be available in the U.S. but users in Australia have begun to report on the update on Reddit’s Pokémon Go network, Silph Road.

Thanks to the Silph Road research group, we know have a visual guide which shows the kilometers required for each Pokémon buddy to walk in order to obtain candy. For example, in order to receive a candy for Onix, you have to walk 5 kms and for Meowth, you only have to walk 3 kms. There are some Pokémon that only require you to walk one km and luckily Magikarp is one of them so it won’t be so hard to get that Gyrados anymore!

Check out the guide below:


We will be releasing more Buddy System information as it becomes available. Good luck, trainers!

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