Details Leaked on Pokémon GO’s New ‘Trading’ Feature

Details Leaked on Pokémon GO’s New ‘Trading’ Feature

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Pokemon GO Trading Feature

A new update will possibly become available this week and while the Buddy Pokémon feature is definitely coming along with the update, it is possible that a trading Pokémon feature might be right behind it.

According to Reddit user Isantum, Pokémon Go’s new Terms of Service has updated, indicating that users will not just be trading Pokémon but also trading items. In the ToS, it reads that account holders will be able to trade Pokémon along with virtual items as long as no virtual money or real money changes hands. You can take a look below:


It is possible that users will be able to let Pokémon hold items and when the Pokémon are traded, the items will be transferred as well. Or we might be able to simply trade items for other items. We’ll see very soon!

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