Ditto Has Been Captured and Niantic Releases New Pokémon Go Tracker

Ditto Has Been Captured and Niantic Releases New Pokémon Go Tracker

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There are big things happening in the world of Pokémon Go today. First, it’s official: Ditto has been captured. Reddit user Kvothealar posted their newly caught Ditto on Silph Road saying that he caught “some dumb Rattata” and then it revealed that it was a Ditto! This means that you should always catch a Rattata just in case it’s really a Ditto.


But wait–there’s more! The new tracker has begun to roll out and it is now available in many more areas. According to Pokémon Go Hub, here’s where the new tracker is available:

  • Australia
  • US West Coast
  • US Midwest
  • Mexico

I just got my new tracker and I’m loving it! It’s way easier than any of the weird tracking features in the past.

Here’s what GameNGuide has to say about the new tracker:

This feature will show Pokemon that are nearby certain Pokestops and if “Pokemon GO” players select the Pokemon, a waypoint will be added on their map that will guide them to it. The feature was pretty neat and it seems that Niantic is ready to take it to the next level of testing.

Remember, you get double XP and double Stardust for the next few days so take advantage of that while you can and try out your brand new tracker! Good luck!



  • Mariwanna

    I wonder how many more months I’ll have to wait for the tracker …

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