How to Earn a Living Playing Pokémon Go

How to Earn a Living Playing Pokémon Go

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Sure you love playing Pokémon Go but wouldn’t it be great if you could play and make money at the same time? Well, according to this Reddit post, that may actually be a reality.

A job listing for a part-time “lure manager” has appeared and it might be the job for you. Requirements are simple: you must be an expert in the Pokémon Go game, be up to at least level 10, must be tech savvy, and must be an Android phone user (sorry, iPhone lovers). You must also have excellent management skills, you must be able to work without supervision, must have a flexible schedule and must understand all processes of Pokémon Go and in-app purchases.  You must also be at least 20 years old and must be a college graduate. Really? You need to have a college degree to manage lure modules? Maybe it’s a harder job than we think.

Check out the full ad below:

Unfortunately for U.S. players, this position is based in the Philippines so maybe it might be time to move.

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