Fourth Nest Migration Has Occurred, Here’s What to Expect

Fourth Nest Migration Has Occurred, Here’s What to Expect

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The last Pokémon Go nest migration completely changed the game and with it came more nests and spawn points than ever before. Now a new migration has just happened.

Reddit’s Pokémon Go network, The Silph Road, has a thread on the new migration:

Just in time for our Nest Atlas, the 4th Great Migration has occurred, travelers!

These sort of server-side updates tend to precede new app updates, so we’re excited to see what the end of this week holds. Perhaps Niantic will be migrating nests with each bi-weekly rollout?

We are seeing Niantic continue to crack down on bots as they prepare to enter India, China, and other major markets. Tonight several major scanners found their bots presented with Captchas and other changes to attempt to combat illicit access to their servers. We remain hopeful that they’ll be able to get the bot situation under control so maybe (just maybe) we’ll be able to hold a deserted gym longer than a few minutes out here in Manhattan. 🙂

In the past week, Niantic took down most third party apps. This is mostly because they are preparing to launch the game in India and China but these apps also get in the way of the spontaneity of the migration. They also make it less fun for people trying to play the game without cheating.

You can find information on the new migration by checking out Global Nest Atlas. Their goal is to track all nests and spawn points and it’s not against the rules of Pokémon Go. Here’s what to do:

Migrations are the reason we built the Nest Atlas in the first place. For those new to the Road, you should know that Nests reported on the Atlas can ‘change species’ when reports dictate.

So if your local squirtle nest is now a rhyhorn nest, simply click the nest, report the new species, and it will change within a few minutes to the benefit of future travelers in your area of the Road!

Help us learn what the world’s nests just shifted to!

Many players commented in the thread that their nests have definitely changed and some for the worst. One player complained that their local Charmander nest was replaced with a Krabby nest while another rejoiced that their local Sandshrew nest changed to a Charmander nest.

Reddit user IntuitionaL added their thoughts on the migration:

I’m convinced they changed nests right after they turned on captcha authentication on to stop people using previous tracker information and to hope to get rid of trackers going forward.

We sort of seen this when the first migration happened and this was right before they took down pokevision. Since then it was more predictable when migrations will happen until the most recent migration.

Only thing is it still seems one of the most popular trackers are working.

Reddit user blue-forest added their opinion on the trackers, saying that Niantic should not keep taking them down:

What Niantic fails to realize is that trackers enhance the game, keep people playing longer, and therefore spending money on in-game purchases.

If you notice new nests and spawn points in your area, report them to Global Nest Atlas and check out which new nests are near you!

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