Full Breakdown of Pokéstop Item Drops (Drop Rate, Frequency Etc.)

Full Breakdown of Pokéstop Item Drops (Drop Rate, Frequency Etc.)

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Everyone loves spinning those Pokéstops to get items, but does anyone actually know what the drop rate and frequency of every item are? It would be great to know some of this information!

When going from Pokéstop to Pokéstop, you might notice that you get different items each time and sometimes you get really good items. Virodoran of Reddit, calculated all the data of items he got and compiled it into a neat chart. Here’s his story:

Over the past week I’ve been collecting data on all the Pokestops I visited. I gained 2734 items from 832 stops. I put all my data into a spreadsheet and here’s my analysis.

I started recording this at level 24, but most of it was collected after I hit 25. At first I was doing it in a text file, then copying it over to a spreadsheet, but I quickly got frustrated with that (couldn’t take it on the road very well). So I wrote a very quick and dirty webappthat would let me do data entry. I just tap on each of the items earned from each spin. Then it automatically adds a timestamp, fills out my location, and autofills my level based on my previous entry. Then I can bulk load the data into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

On average I got about 3.3 items per Pokestop. I never got any spins with less than 3 items and the most I got from a single spin was 9 items. Below is a breakdown of the individual items.

Item Average per spin Average number of Pokestop visits to get item Percentage of items earned Sample Size
Poke Ball 1.880 0.53 57.2% 1564
Great Ball 0.368 2.72 11.2% 306
Ultra Ball 0.102 9.79 3.1% 85
Potion 0.262 3.82 8.0% 218
Super Potion 0.091 10.95 2.8% 76
Hyper Potion 0.054 18.49 1.7% 45
Max Potion 0.024 41.93 0.6% 15
Revive 0.251 3.98 7.6% 209
Razz Berry 0.260 3.85 7.9% 216

I probably don’t have a large enough sample size for the Max Potions numbers to be very precise, but the others are decent. No Max Revive listed since I haven’t hit L30 yet, obviously.

It seems that regular Potions, Revives, and Razz Berries all have about the same drop rate. The 3 types of Pokeballs make up just over 70% of the items, while the 4 types of potions make up only 13% of your items.

Here’s my full spreadsheet if anyone wants to do more with it, or put it together with their own data to get a larger sample size.

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