Here are the Future Pokémon Go Holiday Event Predictions

Here are the Future Pokémon Go Holiday Event Predictions

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The New Years event is coming to an end so I hope that everyone caught a bunch of starter Pokemon during the last week. But what’s next to Pokemon Go holiday events? The Halloween event was definitely the best of the events since it featured ghost Pokemon and double candy for catching Pokemon. It brought a lot of players back to the game. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years wasn’t as popular but it does help to bring a little excitement to the game. So which holiday is next?

Valentine’s Day could be the next event but it is more likely that Easter will be the next big one. Here’s what Tech Mic has to say on an Easter event:

Easter and Pokémon Go have one obvious thing in common: Eggs. An Easter event could introduce new egg-based Pokémon, better odds of finding a 10km egg with a rare Pokémon inside or just a temporary festive egg design to match the holidays.

Niantic has also set a precedent for Pokémon Go egg-themed events. The company introduced the first, extremely anticipated Gen 2 Pokémon to Pokémon Go via eggs gathered by players at PokéStops.

The rush to hatch and incubate fresh eggs as quickly as possible was accompanied at Christmas by many days’ worth of free incubator giveaways at PokéStops. It was a very awesome holiday event, and Christmas 2016 certainly could have paved the way for an egg-laden Easter in Pokémon Go.

There were many who were disappointed about the release of baby Pokemon instead of all of the Gen 2 Pokemon but it makes sense that Niantic would want to push the release of all of the Gen 2 Pokemon until the summer when it’s warm again instead of requiring players to venture into the snow in search of a Chikorita. In my opinion, it’s very likely that during 4th of July event or even a 1st Anniversary Event, Gen 2 Pokemon may start to trickle into the game. However, according to iTech Post, the 4th of July event may introduce Legendaries to the game:

Next on the list is the Pokemon GO event Fourth of July. This is actually quite interesting. One is the fact that it’s a big celebration for most of the people in the United States. Second, and more importantly, it marks the first full circle of the game. Remember, the hit mobile app was first launched around July last year.

If rumors serve this right, the aforementioned Pokemon GO event might finally bring the highly anticipated Legendary Birds. And oh, it could include the titular Mewtwo and Mew. And if this happens, expect fireworks and stuff to overwhelm the game’s atmosphere.

Of course, Legendary Pokemon are highly coveted at this point but if you think about it, if most players had a Mewtwo, it would make the game almost unplayable if you did not have a Mewtwo, that is if players mostly focus on gym battles or player vs. player battles (which is a feature that Niantic is currently working on). However, if Niantic introduced Legendaries and made them all less powerful than perhaps that aught to be, it wouldn’t exactly be fair. They are Legendaries after all. If everyone had one and they couldn’t even win a battle against a Vaporeon, they wouldn’t really be Legendaries.  Just something to think about.

Which holiday events do you think are coming? And which features would you like to see in the game in 2017?


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