Gen 2 Details Are Here, Including Legendaries, Unown, and More

Gen 2 Details Are Here, Including Legendaries, Unown, and More

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The Halloween event has definitely helped to bring players back to the game but what happens when it’s over? Don’t worry because there are new features just around the corner!

Baby Pokémon

An adorable new group of Pokémon are coming to Pokémon Go and you’re going to want to catch ’em all. In the original games, these Pokémon are only attainable if they are hatched from an egg so it’s possible that it will be the same in Pokémon Go as well. Check out these cuties below:

Life of a Pokemon Trainer


According to Pokémon Go Hub, Niantic’s game Ingress added a lot of puzzles and riddles and it’s very possible that Pokémon Go will be the same. Introducing the Unown species would be the perfect way to add in some puzzles to the game. Solving puzzles may be a new way to earn coins or medals and it would definitely add some fun to the game.



Meet the Dragonite of Gen 2. This Pokémon is probably the most powerful of all Gen 2 Pokémon. According to Pokémon Go Hub:

With elite stats, incredible moves and crazy Dark and Rock typing, Tyranitar is going to be a blast. Also, let’s not forget he can transform landscape when he’s enraged!

Bulbapedia confirms:

“If enraged, Tyranitar sets off outstanding earthquakes that can completely change the entire landscape, often forcing cartographers to draw up new maps. It lives in nests made from demolished mountains.”

Sonic Pokemon Wiki










Ho-Oh and Lugia

In the original Gen 2 games, these Pokémon are the ones you dream of catching. I remember when I caught Ho-Oh in the Gold version and could destroy any Pokemon I came into contact with. That was the highest point of my childhood. It is possible that Ho-Oh and Lugia will be introduced to the game but since they are so incredibly powerful, it’s likely that they will be extremely rare. Also, in case you forgot about the awesomeness of Lugia, you can always re-watch Pokémon: The Movie 2000. That’s what I’ll be doing today. Enjoy!

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