How to Get 60,000 XP in 30 Minutes On Pokémon GO

How to Get 60,000 XP in 30 Minutes On Pokémon GO

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Players have found another loop hole that allows you to level up really fast in Pokémon GO. This method is an excellent way to get 60,000 XP super fast. lays out a step by step tutorial on just how to level yourself up at lightning speed:

Step #1 – Catch a LOT of Pidgeys

And by a LOT… I mean 195.

You’ll be transferring 135 to Professor Willow and evolving 60 of them.

We’ll do that math sooon, but first…

Step #1.5 – This Works with Weedles and Caterpies Too

You need 12 candies to evolve Weedles and Caterpies too.

Ultimately, this is just a preference. I’ve found that Pidgeys turn into higher-powered Pokémon at their highest evolutionary level, but that could just be my experience.


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Also, if you already have a lot of Weedles and Caterpies you haven’t evolved, it makes a lot more sense for you to catch those because they’re likely more plentiful in your area and it won’t take as much time to amass the 195 needed.

Step #2 – Turn on a Lucky Egg

Activating a Lucky Egg doubles your XP for every action you take.

For every Pokémon you evolve, you get 500 XP.

So, you’ll get 1,000 XP instead of 500 XP.

Last step…

Step #3 – Evolve Those Pidgeys to Get 60,000 XP

Alright, here’s the math…

  • Your Lucky Egg lasts 30 minutes.
  • Each evolution takes about 30 seconds.
  • Therefore, you can evolve 60 in a 30-minute period.
  • Each evolution takes 12 candies.
  • 60 Pidgeys X 12 Pidgey candies = 720 candies.
  • For every Pidgey you catch, you get 3 Pidgey candies. So after catching 195 Pidgeys, you’ll have 585 candies.
  • If you transfer 135 Pidgeys to Professor Oak, you get one more candy apiece for them. That’s an additional 135 candies.
  • With the previous 585 you got from catching them and the 135 you got from transferring, you’ll have 720 candies.


Yes, this means you’ll have to move very fast during this 30-minute time period, but even if you don’t get through all 60 Pidgeys, you’ll still have racked up a ton of XP in a short period of time.

At this point, 60,000 XP seems to be the maximum you can achieve in a 30-minute period. However, if you want to use another Lucky Egg and finish evolving other Pidgeys in a second 30-minute period, go for it. That’s likely much more realistic in the long run. After all, Lucky Eggs aren’t that rare, and you can buy more in the shop if you don’t have more than one.

So there you have it trainers! Go out, catch those Pidgeys, grind them out and evolve for max XP!

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