How to Get Around Latest Bug Causing Pokèstop, Gyms, and Pokèmon to Disappear

How to Get Around Latest Bug Causing Pokèstop, Gyms, and Pokèmon to Disappear

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This morning, there have been many struggling with an issue that causes Pokèstops, gyms, and Pokèmon to not display in the game. Obviously, this can be extremely frustrating if you want to play the game. The bug looks like this:


With little response from Niantic on the issue, we have formulated a few ways to circumvent the issue until Niantic gets it’s act together. We got most of this helpful information from the reddit community. Here are the most common users seeing this issue:

Most users who are seeing this issue either have AT&T or Cricket Wireless. Some T-Mobile users have experienced this as well, but not many instances of it were reported.

Now that you know who this bug is effecting, here are some of the fixes we found that most say have been working for them:

-Try using Wifi. Most users say it works with a Wifi, but just not on a cellular network. This could be due to Pokèmon GO trying to ban specific IPs, but getting innocent users stuck in the mix.

-Killing the app and opening it again. This seems like the most obvious one, but it has worked for some users, but not many.

-Restarting the phone completely. This is believed to refresh your network’s IP address and will possibly not be blocked by Niantic anymore.

-Delete and re-download the app all together. This worked for some as well, but didn’t seem to be the biggest fix for it.

If you have found any other ways to circumvent this issue or if you have a specific mobile setup that wasn’t listed here, please let us know in the comments below and we will gladly update our article. Thank you!

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