How to Get More Distance When Trying to Hatch Eggs

How to Get More Distance When Trying to Hatch Eggs

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Hatching eggs in Pokémon is sometimes buggy because the distance isn’t always registered correctly.  You’ll walk 3km and realize only 1.2km is registered. This can be one of the most frustrating things in Pokémon GO.

This is a bug due to the fact that the game doesn’t always update the way you want it to giving you a shorter distance traveled than you actually have. Isantum of Reddit explains a method he uses to get more distance out of your hatchings:

You walked 3 Km and it only registered 1.2 Km? I know, I understand, has happened to all of us at some point. What my thoughts were that most people would know about it until I saw a post regarding how the egg distance has worsened again.

So here’s a backdrop

  • I play Pokémon Go on a 2G network when out.
  • Done so as to save battery and 2G is cheap and I am broke.
  • Since it’s 2G, it tends to be slow due to traffic.

Heading onto the purpose of this post –

Sometimes, I see that white Pokéball icon on the left hand side of the screen. It usually happens when the connection is lost due to the volume of traffic.

This greatly affects my game at times (I miss out on spawns, gyms give errors, new Pokémon don’t load on the map and distance isn’t calculated well)

To counter this, and find a way to refresh the game, I visit my Journal

That’s right.

What it does for me is that it refreshes the game for me. And I have find it very very useful when it comes to hatching eggs. On a straight path, usually on beaches, I can hatch a 2Km egg in approximately 20 mins or less. And it’s quite fast. So I am sure it will work for everyone altogether

TL;DR – Visit your Journal since it refreshes the game and will make sure you won’t lose the distance you traveled to hatch an egg!

Let us know if this worked for you.  Apparently opening your journal refreshes your distance which will avoid miscalculated kilometers.

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