Google Maps Releases Update to Include Pokemon GO ‘Catching Pokemon’ Trick

Google Maps Releases Update to Include Pokemon GO ‘Catching Pokemon’ Trick

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It’s probable that a new update is dropping this week with new features such as the Buddy System and possibly trading coming shortly after. While you’re waiting for updates, you can check out the new feature Google Maps has added for Pokémon Go players.

According to Reddit user, GoldLeader272, Google Maps users can now indicate when they are “catching Pokémon” on their Timeline. Updating your Timeline on Google Maps might not be something you do regularly but it might be something to try out. By using this feature, you can track how far you’ve traveled and where you’ve traveled on your Pokémon hunting travels.

See what the timeline looks like below.


According to Android Police:

“Timeline allows users to see an overview of where they’ve been, and if they happened to use Maps’ navigation or driving mode to get there, it will essentially give them a step-by-step map of where they’ve been and how they were travelling.”

So now we know that Google Maps is better at tracking your steps than Niantic but we already knew that, didn’t we? How many times have you tried hatching that 10km egg by walking for miles only to realize that Niantic only processed a few meters of your journey? Maybe this is a sign of better tracking that is to come in the future.

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