Here’s How to Check For the New Buddy System Update

Here’s How to Check For the New Buddy System Update

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been refreshing the app store all week in hopes that the new Pokémon Go update will appear. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for the update. Though it is taking longer than expected, here’s how you can get a notification the second the new update is available.

One way to find out about the new update is to keep refreshing the “update” section of the app store but there is a problem with that. In the past, the updates have been available for certain users before others. The update with the “nearby” feature was launched in California a few weeks ago but it isn’t available yet for most users. This is probably because Niantic is still testing the “nearby” feature but the “Buddy System” feature is definitely coming with the next update.

If you want to know exactly when the update drops, you can get a notification from Niantic’s Twitter. Here’s how to do that according to Heavy:

“As soon as the buddy update launches anywhere, though, it’s likely that Niantic Labs will tweet an announcement. That’s why a helpful way to keep up with the news is to follow the official Pokémon Go Twitter account. You can even set things up so you get a notification to your phone any time they tweet, which can function as a news alert for yourself. To do this, open up the default Twitter mobile app, go to @PokémonGoApp, and click on the settings icon. Then, there will be a menu with the option “turn on notifications” at the top. Choose this option, and now, you’ll receive a push notification every time this account tweets. You may want to turn that off in a few days, but for now, it’s a nice way of getting informed the precise moment the update hits. In case Niantic doesn’t tweet about the update right away, you could always set up notifications for a few other Pokémon Go news accounts like @PokémonGoNews or @CatchEmAll.”

Everyone is excited about the “Buddy System” because who doesn’t want to bond with their Pokémon? According to Niantic, users will be able to earn candies by walking certain distances with their Pokémon. It’s going to be a big update so keep an eye out!

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