Here’s How to Hold 10 Gyms Each Day in Pokemon Go

Here’s How to Hold 10 Gyms Each Day in Pokemon Go

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Defending a gym can be hard and some users don’t bother with gyms at all. There are some perks to being a gym defender, however. When you have a Pokémon as a gym defender, you can collect 10 coins 500 Stardust every 21 hours it defends the gym by going to the Shop and claiming your prize. The more Pokémon you have as defenders, the more coins you get. You can hold a maximum of 10 gyms at a time but how do you do it?

There are several different ways of going about taking over a gym but this guide from a Reddit user on The Silph Road, Reddit’s Pokémon Go network, shows the best way to do it. Keep in mind, this guide is mostly for people in low traffic areas. These rules generally don’t apply to gyms in high traffic areas. The key is to not get greedy, pick a gym that don’t get a lot of visitors. Here are the basics to holding a gym:

– Find hidden gems in low traffic areas that you can prestige to level 10;
– Don’t bother attacking enemy gyms in established areas;
– Don’t get greedy.

– CP is all that matters;
– Hence, IVs matter;
– Moves do not matter;
– Typing does not matter;
– Keep defenders always powered up to max to stay at top rungs of high level gyms.

– Typing and movesets are all that matters;
– IVs do not matter;
– Do not power up attackers.

Also another tip to keep in mind is that even though CP is all that matters, leaving an Arcanine as a defender is almost always a bad idea. Since most players have a quality Vapereon, Arcanine won’t stand a chance against the powerful water type. Also remember to vary your defenders that you leave in the gym. If you plan on holding a gym for a long time, you want it to be well-rounded which means there should be multiple types. Good luck!

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