Here’s What We Know About the Pokémon Go Thanksgiving Event

Here’s What We Know About the Pokémon Go Thanksgiving Event

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A new event is taking place this weekend and is going until November 23. Unfortunately for most of us, the big event will only be taking place in certain parts of Japan but don’t worry. We know that the Japan event will be ending right before Thanksgiving so a Thanksgiving event is incredibly likely.

According to Slash Gear, this information is good news for those hoping for another big event:

Even though the event does not take place in the United States, it tips off and/or confirms future events. Ending the day before Thanksgiving tips the Thanksgiving event. Lasting a week in a specific area suggests Niantic’s ability to hold localized events for national gatherings. Think Pokemon conventions – or events surrounding gaming or comic book conventions already in the works.

In the past, Niantic generally had big events for Ingress on holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and April Fool’s Day but not Thanksgiving. However, Pokémon Go is much different than Ingress and it is very likely that there will be a special event in the U.S. for Thanksgiving.

TCC reported on a leak which revealed that there will be a Thanksgiving event and it will begin on the 24th:

According to the leak, Pokémon GO will be getting its first ever Thanksgiving event this year. The event is said to last for at least seven days and will be released on November 24. Furthermore, it is believed that Pokémon GO’s Thanksgiving event will only be active in a few countries that celebrate this holiday. However, Halloween isn’t celebrated around the world either but the event was still global. Hence, we believe the Thanksgiving event would also available to players around the world.

We can only hope that the walking distance for Eggs and Buddy Pokémon will be shortened so that we can have an incentive to work off all of the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie we’ll be eating on Thanksgiving.


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