How to Hold Gyms For Long Periods of Time and Train Them to Level 10 By Yourself

How to Hold Gyms For Long Periods of Time and Train Them to Level 10 By Yourself

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Many of us trainers have problems maintaining our place as a gym leader in Pokémon GO for long periods of time. Well now there is a way to maintain it for much longer so you can stay on top.

Rabus on Reddit goes into detail of just how to maintain your gym and stay on top without people coming to snatch it away. Be warned that this method does not work in super crowded areas for obvious reasons.

Since more and more inefficient strategies start to show up that require you to have plenty of potions (that eventually starts to run out) I’ve decided to describe my own strategy that I use for 2 weeks and allows me to hold gyms for days, sometimes weeks.

WARNING: This won’t work in a very populated area, ie. town centers or overally where really much players are passing by. The best hold time I was able to get in such a place was 24h though and it was awesome to hear “team mystic is still holding those gyms…” around.

First of all: save all magikarps at decent cp (150+) and don’t throw them away, you want to put them in gyms.

Why nothing stronger?

If your magikarp is the least powerful pokemon, ANY attack on the gym will drop the karp out of the gym.

Why would I want my pokemon being thrown out of the gym?

You can then come back, train just a little bit and put your regular pokemon. Most players are not going to even try to battle such a high gym – it takes sooo much time that it’s better to just run to the next 4 gyms with level 3 – that’s also why those gyms stand up for so long, at least in my area.

Training the gym

You’ve beaten the gym or trained it high enough to add your pokemon – how do you train it now? Everyone knows the “training with lower cp pokemon gives 500 prestige” thing. But that doesn’t stop there! You can train with TWO TIMES less cp pokemon for 1000 prestige – so, if you battle with 75cp pokemon vs 150 magikarp you get 1000 prestige points. You battle 32 times and the gym is already at level 10! I also train with those just a little bit weaker pokemons, like 149, but it makes training process two times longer unfortunately.

But I don’t have so many potions..

That’s the thing. I didn’t either – BUT I found out that all those crappy pokemons that you usually throw to the pokemon-to-candy machine of our beloved professor, are awesome at fighting karps! The best I found are weedles, caterpries, kakunas and metapods with bug bite – their attack is fast, which allows you to…

Dodge those struggles!

The only attack that actually hits you for more than 1hp is struggle. It starts to show up after 3rd attack and all you need to do is to dodge it at least once to survive the whole training process. You dodge it more than once? Sweet, you can use your 75cp weedle to train your gym 3 times! Your weedle is now dead, what now?

Also, you don’t need to avoid anything else than struggles – not avoiding it’s basic attack hits you for 1hp, avoiding – 1hp as well.

Evolve to heal!

I found out recently that when you evolve your weedles and caterpries (and other pokemons too) they’re getting they full hp back. And since you have to evolve them to level up… why evolve the strongest ones when you’ll gonna end sending them back to professor grind… ekhm lab? Evolve those dead ones and save those two potions!

But how will a magikarp defend a gym?!

You see, there are plenty of players around you. And even more will show up if they’ll see NINE FREE PLACES in a gym. I usually find my gym filled with 2-3 pokemons after I’m done with training. Oh, you can also bring your friends along, so that each of you will put one magikarp in each training gym, while the rest will put strong pokemons. Just don’t do it before you’re done – it’s easier to exit the encounter with no other pokemons in the gym.

I don’t have so much time to train lol

Train the gym as much as you can – when I’m lazy I train it till level 5-6, but it won’t stand as long as 10lvl gym unfortunately.

My own setup

If you’re interested how does my gym-training-setup look like this:

My strongest magikarp is 183, so I try to keep everything below it. I know that it only nets you 500 prestige, but when you overtake 5-6 gyms till level 10…

Bonus perks

You get a shiny gold award after you train for a long enough period!

I hope you’ll find this method useful. If you have any questions – feel free to ask!

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