How to Get Bonus Items Out of Pokéstops (Guaranteed)

How to Get Bonus Items Out of Pokéstops (Guaranteed)

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We all use Pokéstops in order to refill items such as Poké Balls, incense, eggs and more. This latest tip comes from Cerebr05murF on reddit who states just how to get guaranteed more items from your 10th Pokéstop.

The explanation is extremely long and listed below, but if you are too lazy too read, it basically outlines that when you spin your 10th unique Pokéstop, you will always get 6+ items, 100XP, and an egg if you have an empty egg slot. Here is the full breakdown of how it works:

You will get 6+ items and 100 XP from every 10th Pokéstop as long as you keep spinning a chain of unique stops. You will also get an egg if you have an empty slot available. This not a hack or against TOS. It is simply an observed pattern of spinning Pokestops


I happened to notice that the same Pòkestop on my farming loop would usually, but not always give me 6 or more items. At first, I thought it was the Pokéstop itself, but after spinning it 12 times during lunch, it gave me 3-4 items each time. I have, however, discovered that every 10th Pokéstop spun will give you 6+ items, 100 XP and an egg (if space permits), but you have to follow a specific pattern. Basically, if you continue to spin unique Pokéstops, every 10th stop will give you the bonus. I have detailed below how to do this, but it definitely needs more testing.


My farming loop consists of 41 Pokestops. I would start at the same Pokéstop and repeat the loop 2-3 times. When I discovered the pattern I started testing. For brevity, I will refer to stops as S1, S2, etc and spins as H1, H2. My regular loop would be Pokestops S1-S41 and 2 loops would give me spins H1-H82. Regular item drop is 3-4 items and 50 XP.


Test 1: Loop S1-S41, 2 rounds. H10, H20, H30, H40 = 6+ items. H42-H82 = 3-4 items.
Test 2: Loop S1-49. H50 was on S1 to start the loop again. Same results as above with all of the spins on the second round giving 3-4 items.
Test 3: Loop S1-S63. H10, H20, H30, H40, H50, H60 = 6+ items. H61-H83 = 3-4 items


It appears that once you return to a previously spun Pokestop, the chain is broken and you lose the “10th Pokestop spin bonus”. I was able to repeat Test 1 with success at 7AM, 12PM and 5PM (before and after work and lunchtime). This meant that 5 hours was enough to reset the chain on the same loop. The next test was to see what the minimum reset time was and the effects from deviating from a unique set of Pokestops. I used a loop of only ten stops, S1-S10.


Test 4: Spin S1-S10, wait 15 minutes from last spin – Repeat loop. H10, H20 = 6+ SUCCESS
Test 5: Spin S1-S10, wait 5 minutes from last spin – Repeat loop. H10 = 6+, H20 = 3 FAIL
Test 6: Spin S1-S10, wait 10 minutes from last spin – Repeat loop. H10, H20 = 6+ SUCCESS


It appears 10 minutes is enough to reset the chain.


Conclusion: The 10 Pokestop spin bonus chain is broken once you spin any Pokestop on the chain. You can start the chain again on the same loop if you wait 10 minutes from the last spin.


Catching Pokemon during a chain does not seem to disrupt the chain. I did have a couple of eggs hatch during my testing, but no effect was noted.


Spining speeds varied with anywhere from 2-7 spins per minute with no noticeable effect.


Pauses to check journal and clear room in inventory had no effect.


Sometimes a Pokestop looked like it didn’t drop items. The stop would remain blue, but the journal showed items received. The 10th portal spin bonus was always verified through the journal entries.
Another trainer who has helped me test has observed that you will get an egg on the 10th spin (as long as you have empty slots).


The maximum items observed so far has been 9. You can also get an egg, but it appears that eggs do not count as an item drop. Thanks to /u/Arcturiss for the info.


It is possible to get 6+ items and eggs from any spin at any time, but the 10th Pokestop spin bonus is consistent and predictable.

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