Lapras Spawn Area Discovered in Pokémon Go

Lapras Spawn Area Discovered in Pokémon Go

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Lapras was always a popular Pokémon in the original games but it’s a top tier Pokemon in Pokemon Go because it’s very rare and very powerful in gym battles. Now we know where to find it.

Each Pokémon has a biome which is an area where you are most likely to find a specific Pokémon. For example, it’s easier to find electric Pokémon in industrial areas, it’s likely you’ll find Krabby and Magikarp by a body of water, and some players have confirmed that they found ghost Pokemon at cemeteries.

According to Pokémon Go Hub, Lapras is generally found by a coastline that is also close to an electric Pokemon biome:

We are certain we have successfully identified the biome in which Lapras spawns – the uncommon Water + Electric biome. These biomes are not really all that uncommon for big cities, as usually there is a harbour, or a river, or a lake, or oceanside nearby.

The spawn rates on Lapras are still ridiculously low, but after scanning extensively, we were also able to confirm this research.

Below is a heat map from Pokemon Go Hub:

Players have reported Lapras sightings at these locations:

  • Southern Connecticut, USA
  • Santa Monica Pier, CA
  • Long Beach Pike, CA
  • Portsmouth, UK
  • Brighton, UK
  • Sydney Opera House, AUS
  • Singapore coast line,
  • Pattaya coast, Thailand
  • Zapadna Obala, Croatia

Road trip, anyone?

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