What Level 30 on Pokémon GO Looks Like

What Level 30 on Pokémon GO Looks Like

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Pokémon GO gets harder and harder to gain levels as you go through the motions of playing the game. Most trainers can only dream of getting to level 30 in the amount of time that the game has been out, but we have a message for you: Keep going.

The rewards at level 30 are a lot better and it seems to be more rewarding with each level you gain by 30. Here is a screen shot of a level 30 Pokédex:


The items that you get when leveling up seem mediocre at the lower levels, but let me just say, they are not mediocre after level 30. Here are some screen shots of rewards given from level 30 to 40:



Is the game worth it to get to level 30? We think so. Let us know what you think the comments section below.

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