Pokémon GO Tips: The Max Speed to Hatch Eggs After New Update

Pokémon GO Tips: The Max Speed to Hatch Eggs After New Update

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Many have been complaining that the new update for Pokémon GO has messed with the max speed that eggs can be hatched at. It’s true that Pokémon GO has made it so you can’t hatch eggs while driving a car anymore because it’s considered cheating.

Now that they have adjusted it many are confused about just how fast you can go before you get that ugly warning that looks like this:


Many trainers are missing out on opportunities to hatch their eggs because of this and even some who ride bikes think it’s a little ridiculous with the new speed cap. Beastamer from Reddit has broken down how he found the maximum speed which will help you hatch an egg at the optimal rate:

So I did a good amount of research on this and downloaded a gps spoofer for testing. And what I am concluding is that it is no longer 18 km/h but it is now10.5 km/h (6.5 mph)

Read everything else here if you want to know why I came to this conclusion.

Here’s what we previously knew.

  • The game calculates distance traveled between previous location and current location every minute and updates your egg screen every 4 minutes. It then compares that distance to the maximum amount of distance it will allow you to travel in a minutes time. This distance was previously stated to be 300 m/min or 18 km/h.
  • If you travel in a completely straight line for the duration of that minute you will receive full credit as long as you are at or below the maximum allowed distance 300 m. If you were to say walk 150 m in 30 seconds and then make a 90 degree turn and walk another 150 m in 30 seconds you will not get full credit due to the game drawing a straight line from your starting and ending points. Pythagoras states that the distance registered would be 212.13 m. I have not tested that but in theory it is correct.

Now using a gps spoofer I tested this. I set it up as so.

  • Created a path that was perfectly straight and exactly 1 km long.
  • To minimize variable I always started at the same spot, and never interacted with any pokestops or the menu.
  • Set my speed to 10 km/h and let the spoofer run. After arriving at the end of the route and waiting 5 minutes (just to be safe) the game registered 1 km on my egg.
  • Logged out of game and reset my location, waited about 10 minutes to avoid soft ban.
  • Set my speed to 11 km/h and let the spoofer run again. Waited 5 minutes at end of route again and only registered .3 km
  • Once again reset game and avoided soft ban.
  • Set my speed to 12 km/h for the sake of a second variable, waited 5 minutes at end of route and only registered .5 km

Now I’m assuming that the 12 km/h registered more distance simply because the 1 minute update happened at different intervals on the 11 km/h walk and the 12 km/h walk. Basically I started the last minute of my walk on the 11 km/h run at .7 km and started the last minute of my walk at .5 km on my 12 km/h walk.

  • Last but not least reset, waited to avoid ban, set to 10 km/h again to form a constant and registered exactly 1 km

10 km/h translates to 166.667 m/min which is not a very round number, so I decided that 175 m/min sounds a bit more rounded and would translate to 10.5 km/h. And I tested it.

  • Set my speed to 10.5 km/h, waited 5 mins and registered 1 km.

But don’t fret completely. This is only the max speed when traveling in a completely straight line. When making multiple twists and turns try to speed it up a bit. As long as you’re not traveling farther than 175 m/min in a crow’s flight you’ll be accumulating the most distance for your walk or ride.

A few other things to note

  • During my second 10 km/h run I wasn’t watching the screen for part of it. I hatched a different egg and the screen was showing the “Oh?” screen with a picture of an egg for roughly a minute. That run only logged .8 km. I decided to throw this data out and retested as it represents an extra variable but I still figured I’d share.
  • 10.5 km/h is the speed I do believe to be accurate, however I did not test the numerous decimal points between 10.5 and 11. It’s possible that the actual speed is hidden somewhere in there but I doubt it. 175 m/min is a nice round number and I think programmers would rather use that.

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