Major Gym Update Coming to Pokémon Go Will Change Everything

Major Gym Update Coming to Pokémon Go Will Change Everything

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Niantic recently announced a big change coming to gyms. In the next update, you will be able to bring 6 Pokémon with you to train at a friendly gym. Also, Pokémon in the gym will have their levels adjusted so you can have an impact, no matter what your level is. This will make gyms much easier to train up.

This will change the game in big ways. According to Pokémon Go Hub, it will close the gap between high and low level trainers:

This is considered a game changing update as it almost nullifies Pokémon Level and Combat Power discrepancy between high and low level trainers.

What this means? The new Gym battles system will improve the dynamic of Gym influence and overall Team control.

Your Level will mean less than it means now and it’s going to be important to have a good Team, more than to have high Level Pokémon.

Basically how this update will work is if you attack a gym with a Pokémon with a level that is higher than yours, the Pokémon’s level will be reduced to a level closer to yours, making it much easier to train friendly gyms.

These new update is summed up by a Reddit user on Silph Road:

Thanks for the info. This could indicate that defender pokemon during training is in fact scaled down by trainer level rather than the CP of training pokemon. It appears the slowbro was of a higher level and was scaled down to match your trainer level. A level 24 slowbro with perfect IV’s has a max CP of 1781. This is consistent with your battles:

  • 1626 Exegg < 1781 Slowbro = 500 Prestige
  • 1863 Exegg > 1781 Slowbro = 250 Prestige
  • 1791 Snorlax > 1781 Slowbro = 250 Prestige

According to Pokémon Go Hub, gym scaling is currently being tested in Kansas City so hopefully that means it will soon be available for everyone.

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