New Pokémon Go Plus Details Leaked

New Pokémon Go Plus Details Leaked

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Pokémon Go Plus arrives on September 16 but there are some users who have gotten to use it but don’t worry, they shared all of the information on it that you need to know before buying your own.

The Pokémon Go Plus is a cool little gadget that you can wear around your wrist or you can keep it in your pocket and it helps players catch Pokemon without unlocking their phones. Here’s what it does:

  1. Tracks egg and buddy distance with phone unlocked.

While the device will track your distance, it will not notify users when an egg is about to hatch. Players have to check the game on their phone to hatch an egg.

  1. Alerts user of Pokestops and Pokémon.

According to Reddit user c-a-m-i, the device differentiates between the two:

“pokestops do pattern of dual vibrate with blue light, Pokemon do pattern of single vibrate with green light.”

  1. Catch feedback

You can throw Pokeballs at a Pokémon with your phone unlocked by clicking a button and it will notify you when you are out of Pokemon. According to c-a-m-i:

“vibrations with blinking white light, then multicolor lights with multiple vibrations. Failed catch feedback: 1-3 vibrations with blinking white light, then 3 short vibrations with red lights.”

It does not throw Great or Ultra Balls.

For more information check out the graphic from The Silph Road below:


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