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New Pokémon Go Update Has Changed The Capture Rate Significantly

New Pokémon Go Update Has Changed The Capture Rate Significantly

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The new Pokémon Go update became available early this week and it brought some big changes to the game. Besides the change to gym battles, the capture rate affected by the update as well. The update is explained by Forbes:

The way the new system works is that if you’ve caught X number of a certain type of Pokémon, you see a buff to your capture rate. At the “bronze” tier (catch 10 of one type) you get a +1 “catch bonus” for that specific type. Catch 50 (silver), +2, catch 200 (gold), +3.

 Now, what exactly this “catch bonus” is has been debated hotly by fans, because it’s pretty non-descriptive. Is it 3%? 30%? Some other kind of multiplier? The only clue is that in the Italian version of the game it actually does say 3%, but that may be a kind of localization issue. But, if it isn’t, it might still be a buff all the same.
By combining these bonuses, it should make rare and powerful Pokémon much easier to catch but we still don’t know exactly how it works. Here is what we know accoring to Reddit user -California:
  • The medals somehow affect the capture rate of the Pokémon.
  • The medals will sometimes re-appear after a Pokémon has been caught. This might relate to the capture being a direct result of the increased capture rate.
  • The bonus has not and does not affect the colored target ring in any way.

And here is what we don’t know:

  • The data above indicates that the actual bonus is not view-able in any way. The values might be stored locally but it is far more likely everything is kept server-side, until data-mining happens we will not be certain.
  • This implies that there is no way to determine when Niantic applied this server side change. It may only affect updated users or they may have applied the server side change sometime ago.
  • We still don’t know exactly how each medal tier affects the capture rate.

Since the update is so new, it makes sense that there is still a lot mystery behind it. Pokémon Go maintains its ability to entertain and excite users by adding more and more features to the game without providing much explanation. It is up to the users to figure it out which makes the game much more fun.

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