New Pokèmon GO Update Makes Big Changes to Vaporeon

New Pokèmon GO Update Makes Big Changes to Vaporeon

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Praise the gods. Most Pokèmon GO players have complained that Vaporeon is way too over powered in the game and it’s not quite fair when battling it with any other Pokèmon.

If you look closely many gyms are ran by Vaporeon players and it’s become a trend all over the Pokèmon GO world. The specific changes they made to Vaporeon are listed below via

Vaporeon got hit with two pretty big downgrades to its power. The biggest nerf was to Water Gun, which is Vaporeons fast attack. Water Gun was reduced from a power of 10 to a power of 6, and while Power alone is meaningless, when we look at the damage per second (DPS), Water Gun has almost halved, going from 20 DPS to 12 DPS.

And then there’s Vaporeons strongest Charge Attack, Aqua Tail. Aqua Tail used to have a power of 50, and it’s now been reduced to 45. DPS wise, this is a decent hit to Vaporeon. The DPS for Aqua tail was 21.8, and now, it’s 19.6. Not a huge drop, but still noticeable.

Trainers can now start training other Pokèmon and still have a fighting chance against these mass amount of over-powered Vaporeons. It looks like we’ll start seeing new gym leaders very soon.

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