New Update is Possibly Coming This Week, Here’s What to Expect

New Update is Possibly Coming This Week, Here’s What to Expect

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Remember the features that appeared in the original Pokémon Go ad? There was a tracking feature that looked way more helpful than the one we have now and a trading feature. These features (and a few others) are definitely coming at some point and it might be sooner than you think.

A new update appears to be dropping this week. Here’s what we know according to an article from iTech Post:

“Some of the features that Pokémon Go fans can expect on its September 5 update may include: refreshed Pokémon Tracker, Trading Pokémon, Special Incense, Legendary Pokémon, Buddy Pokémon, and VR Support.”

  1. Legendaries

According to Gamenguide:

“The game codes also mention the presence of the Legendary Pokémons that are missing in ‘Pokémon Go.’ The code activity_catch_legend_Pokémon is a proof that players of “Pokémon Go” can soon catch Legendary Pokémons with the latest update in the game.

  1. Incense Types

Special incense types is a very real feature that is eventually coming to the game. Thanks to the last data mine on Reddit, we found out that these features are in the codes.

We know that there are incense types that include different kinds for catching fire types, water types, and grass types respectively.

  1. Tracker

Thanks to Yibada, we know that an improved tracking feature has been introduced to a small amount of users and, with the new update, everyone will get the chance to use it. Watch the video below to see how it works:

  1. Trading

After a recent data mine, Yibada reported:

“The game’s code contains references such as ‘Trade_search’ and ‘Trade_offer.’ The feature will possibly allow players to search for Pokémon that other players are ready to trade. It can be reportedly used to list Pokémon for trading.”

  1. Buddy System

You will now be able to walk around with your Pokemon and doing so will reward you with stardust. There is also going to be various looks for your buddy Pokémon. You can carry it on your shoulder, let it fly next to you, or make it bigger or smaller.

  1. VR Support

Virtual reality support means that players can enjoy Pokemon Go in VR mode which could be the coolest thing to happen to the game.

According to Yibada:

“A folder named VR with reference to Google Cardboard is available in the code of Pokemon GO. It suggests soon the players will be catching Pokemon in VR.”

So there you have it: all of the features that are possibly coming in the new update. This update might be the best one yet!

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