New Update Has Special Feature When Using Pikachu as Buddy

New Update Has Special Feature When Using Pikachu as Buddy

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Today is the expected release date for the newest Pokémon Go update but it has still not appeared for the majority of U.S. players. Thanks to the users who do have the new update, a special feature has been spotted and it has everyone talking.

The Buddy System is the most talked about feature in Pokémon Go and it is definitely coming with the new update. Thanks to Reddit’s Pokémon Go network Silph Road, we now know something very interesting about choosing Pikachu as a buddy:

“Alright, travelers! An Easter Egg has been found! For those who remember the original anime series, Pikachu does not immediately take to Ash. It isn’t until Ash acts selflessly to save Pikachu that he begins to bond with him. In Pokemon GO, choosing Pikachu as your buddy will display him on the ground near you on the player details screen. However, when you have walked 10km together, Pikachu takes to you and finally rides on your shoulder(as other small Pokemon buddies do)!”

Silph Road
Silph Road

With the Buddy System feature, you can bond with your Pikachu like Ash from the original series and what is cooler than that?

With the Buddy System, user can assign Pokémon as their buddies and walk a certain distance to obtain candy. It has also been confirmed that some Pokémon, on occasion, can earn two candies at a time instead of one. Keep checking for new details and updates!

  • Forest G Nome.

    You people are dumb. This isn’t a unique thing to pikachu, nor is it an easter egg, it’s intended behavior for at least 20% of the pokemon in the game. For gods sake pidgeys do it.

    Stop just copying bullshit from other sites that do nothing but copy bullshit.

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