Next Update Could Include New Tracking Feature

Next Update Could Include New Tracking Feature

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There is a lot that goes in to adding a new feature to Pokémon Go which includes a lot of testing. To help with testing, Niantic uses the mobile marketing platform Upsight. According to a data mine, Upsight has been removed from the game. Here’s what that means.

Upsight is a user behavior tracking platform and it is used to test new features. According to Pokémon Go Hub, this removal could indicate that a new and better tracker that is currently being tested in the San Francisco area could be coming to players everywhere:

“The removal of Upsight is interesting, as it’s a common tool to track user interactions and time spent with certain actions, scenarios and/or features. For example, if you were to test a feature with a subset of users, Upsight would be a great tool to track and analyze how much and in what way your users actually use the feature. As we all know, there is a Pokémon GO feature that fits the description – the new tracker which is currently tested in San Francisco area! By the looks of it, User Acceptance testing is done for the new tracker and Upsight platform was removed in the new build.”

The “Nearby” tracking feature is being tested by a small number of users. The feature shows the user Pokémon in their area and exactly where they can find them.


Essentially, Upsight monitors and tracks user interaction, time spent in the app, time spent using a feature. As the tracking feature is coming out of User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Upsight has been removed. Considering that Upsight is used to test players’ reactions to new features, it would make sense that the feature is moving on to a new phase.

Now that the tracker has finished UAT it is probably now going through stress and infrastructure testing. This means that it is one phase closer to being available to all users.

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