Niantic Reveals How Much Money Pokémon GO Has Made in Two Months

Niantic Reveals How Much Money Pokémon GO Has Made in Two Months

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You’ve probably heard by now that the amount of active daily players on Pokémon Go has dropped substantially but there are still a lot of users who are still trying to catch ’em all. Despite losing users, Pokémon Go has made a lot of money already and by a lot, I mean A LOT.

Thanks to the analysis from  SensorTower, Pokémon Go has made more than $440 million in less than two months. $440 million! That’s more money than most Hollywood movies. To put this in perspective, they made more money than The Angry Birds Movie, The Legend of Tarzan, and Independence Day: Resurgence combined. What I’m trying to say is that they made a heck of a lot of money.

According to SensorTower:

“In less than two months after its July 6 launch in the United States, Pokémon GO has brought in more than $440 million in gross worldwide revenue on the App Store and Google Play. This puts publisher Niantic’s net revenue from the app at more than $308 million so far—a figure that has grown by more than $100 million since we last looked at the game’s earnings back on August 5.”

SensorTower also estimated that Pokémon Go has been installed on over 12% of all active US smartphones at some point. That might not seem like a lot but that’s 12% of hundreds of millions of people. That ends up being a lot of downloads.

According to GameSpot:

“Pokémon Go isn’t the top-grossing app in some countries anymore, but it still makes more than $4 million in worldwide net revenue every day. On top of all this information, Pokemon Go has yet to release in large markets such as China and India. So far, Pokémon Go has surpassed 180 million downloads worldwide.”

Sure this is a lot of money but they would sure make a lot more if they started selling Ultra Balls. Just a thought, Niantic.

  • Brittney Bergschneider

    Id definitely spend more money than i already have (storage and incubators) if they wold ultra balls!

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