Pokémon GO Will Release New Update This Weekend With Brand New Features

Pokémon GO Will Release New Update This Weekend With Brand New Features

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The time has come trainers!  Niantic has released a statement this morning about the new update and they are in the process of releasing it which should hit the app store sometime this weekend.

The new update has been long awaited and many trainers will be glad to hear that the buddy system will definitely be in it.  Niantic released this official statement outlining all the features that will be in it:


Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to version 0.37.0 for Android and 1.7.0 for iOS devices. Below are some release notes and comments from our development team.

  • Implemented Buddy Pokémon: Trainers will now be able to choose one of their Pokémon to be their buddy. A Trainer can earn – Candy for their Buddy Pokémon by walking a certain distance.
  • Made it easier to select smaller Pokémon on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Eggs would sometimes hatch without displaying the animation.
  • Improved performance reliability when a device switches networks to no longer cause the application to hang or stop updating.
  • Pokémon GO Plus support
  • Minor text fixes.

We continue to focus on eliminating bots and scrapers from Pokémon GO. Rooted or jailbroken devices are not supported by Pokémon GO. Remember to download Pokémon GO from the official Google Play Store or iTunes App Store only.

The Pokémon GO team

It is obvious that the update has not been seen on the app store yet, but when these release statements come out you can bet the update will be made available in the next couple days.  If you have Android and would like to try the update here is a place you can download the APK (DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK):

An APK has appeared on APKMirror.com (a typically trustworthy source). We’re posting the link here and removing posts about it, but know that any unofficial APK source has inherent malware risk. Even APKMirror.com (though its track record is excellent). This is one of the most popular apps in the world, and is consequently a high-value target for malicious parties. Download at your own risk:


The official (safe) APK should be out soon, travelers. Can’t wait to rack up some miles.

Now that the update is on the verge of coming out within the next 24-48 hours, let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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