Pokémon GO Announces Big Updates Coming to the Game

Pokémon GO Announces Big Updates Coming to the Game

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Pokémon GO was setup at Comic-Con in San Diego and had a slew of information for it’s fans as it revealed there would be big updates coming soon the game.  The first priority other than the big updates was to fix the server issues which many have griped about.

After relieving some of the fans about the servers, John Hanke, CEO of Pokémon GO developer Niantic Labs, told the fans about the many updates that were coming to the game:

Hanke then said that there will be some rare Pokémon that are not yet found in the game that will soon appear. This is an expected announcement, as only 145 out of the original 151 Pokémon have been caught by Pokémon GO players all over the world.

The Niantic CEO then added that the choice of which Pokémon GO team to join between the yellow Team Instinct, the red Team Valor and the blue Team Mystic will soon become more important.

The team leaders have also been revealed, with Spark for Team Instinct, Candela for Team Valor and Blanche for Team Mystic, who will start to provide players with advice soon. Hanke also noted that one each of the three Legendary Bird Pokémon will be associated with the teams, and it is possible that players will only be able to acquire the one linked to their teams.

The Pokéstops in the game were also hinted to be possibly turned into Pokémon Centers, where players will be able to heal their Pokémon similar to the function of the structures in the video games and animation.

It was also hinted by Hanke that there are more easter eggs in Pokémon GO, in addition to the ones that players have previously found. These include the trick to begin the game with Pikachu as the starter Pokémon and the method of choosing which Eeveelution will appear when evolving an Eevee.

Hanke also confirmed that Pokémon trading, one of the social aspects of the video games on mobile gaming consoles, will also soon be coming to Pokémon GO.

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With these big updates such as trading, Pokémon GO will become even more of a world wide phenomenon than it already is.  The ability to trade will allow more users to interact with each other and give some sort of value on the Pokémon they worked so hard to catch.

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