Pokémon Go Buddy System Update: More Details Revealed

Pokémon Go Buddy System Update: More Details Revealed

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After three long weeks of waiting, the Pokémon Go update is finally here and before we start celebrating, here are some new details that you should know.

  1. How it works

You go to your avatar profile page and there is a button in the bottom right corner where it used to give you two options: “Journal” and “Customize.” Now it gives you the option of selecting “Buddy” and that’s where you will assign your buddy. Once you have your buddy, it will now display exactly how far you’ve walked with it and how much longer you need to walk to get your candy. You generally get one candy at a time but some users have reported that they have received two candies. One candy at a time might seem stingy but whoever said being a Pokémon trainer was easy?

  1. Swapping Pokémon

If you decide halfway through your walk that you want to use your Bulbasaur as your buddy instead of your Squirtle, you don’t have to worry about losing your progress. According to Reddit user Bioreactivist:

“Swapping your buddy only resets the progress toward your next candy; the total distance walked persists throughout swaps Top of Form. I noticed that some people seemed concerned about whether the “total distance” stat would also reset, and having just swapped my Raichu out and back in again, I can tell you all that you don’t need to worry.”

  1. How to bond with your Pikachu

When the update first began to go live, it was widely thought that Pikachu would appear on your avatar’s shoulder once the user walked with it for ten kilometers but that is not actually true. According to some new data found be ReBootYourMind, it has now become apparent that the Pikachu needs to earn ten candies, not just walk ten kms. Pikachu only requires you to walk with it for one km in order to earn a candy so the required distance comes out to be about the same. For more information, check out the graphic below:


The wait is finally over and now we can finally bond with our Pokémon. Now the wait begins for the trading feature and maybe Gen 2?

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