Three New Incense Types Coming to Pokemon Go, Details Leaked

Three New Incense Types Coming to Pokemon Go, Details Leaked

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According to Reddit users, some interesting clues regarding new incense types have been uncovered. Reddit user cokuspocus claims that the source code might reveal three incense types that could be coming to Pokémon Go in the future. Below is the code along with what the code might be referring to.

Item_incense_spicy for incense that attracts only fire types.

Item_incense_cool for incense to attract ice types or maybe water types.

Item_incense_floral for incense to attract grass or bug types.

If you are trying to be a fire only trainer, these incense types will help you catch the Pokémon you need for your collection. Or if you’re dying to catch a Bulbasaur, you might use the incense that is just for grass Pokémon. If these rumors are true, it would completely change the game.

As of right now, these suspicions have not been confirmed but it is very likely that specific incense types will be rolling out at some point. It’s possible that the codes have not yet been implemented or it could also be something that Niantic is currently testing or has already tested. While we’re on the subject of new features, let’s hope that trading is on Niantic’s agenda too!

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