New Research Sheds Light on Pokémon Go Evolution Item Drop

New Research Sheds Light on Pokémon Go Evolution Item Drop

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The Pokémon Go Evolution Item drop rate is an unexpected aspect of the release of Generation 2 Pokemon and it’s causing some irritation among players. Pokemon Go players on Silph Road, Reddit’s Pokemon Go network, have begun to shed some light on the mystery of The Pokémon Go Evolution Item drop rate. Here is some information posted by reneritchie:

Reddit user reneritchie

Total time: 30 days Total spins: 2660 Biggest drought: 1073 spins and 10 days between items 2 & 3 Biggest windfall: 2 items in 1 day, 80 spins apart

None of the items were received from the same stop.

The series of ~14 stops I spin most frequently (one to four times a day) yielded 1 item total, the Dragon Scale.

The 2 stops nearest where I live (in the opposite direction but I still spin them once or twice a day) yielded 3 items, all Sun Stones.

Only once did the buddy correspond to the item.

About half the items were acquired while spinning with different friends. Never did a friend get an item from the same stop. Only once did a friend get an item from an adjacent stop immediately after I got mine (Sun Stone). Nine times, friends got items when I did not. (2x Metal Coat, 3x Dragon Scale, 2x King’s Rock, 2x Sun Stone — I neglected to insist they get me precise records, alas.)

Unfortunately, this only helps to confirm that it is mostly random. The reddit user also found that it is not specific stops that drop the items since, when playing with a friend, one of them would obtain an item while the other would not. Mic explains:

Additionally, when walking with a friend, reneritchie reported it was most common that the friend would get an item and they would not, and only once did two stops in close proximity yield an evolutionary item for both parties. Along with reneritchie’s report that they never received an evolutionary item from the same stop twice, this would appear to debunk the claim that certain PokéStops are more likely to yield items.

Also according to Mic, the Pokemon you choose as your buddy may have an impact on which items you receive:

Silph Road user Marvel227 recently posted that they received a dragon scale after walking about a kilometer with Seadra (who evolves with the dragon scale) as their buddy Pokémon. They reported that all other evolutionary items they’d acquired had been while buddied with a Pokémon that didn’t require an evolutionary item to evolve, and were trying to find corroborating evidence to see if they could determine causation.

This may seem discouraging but just remember that, since it’s random, you could get lucky and find tons of evolutionary items. Keep checking back for more updates.

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