Pokémon Go Gen 2 Release Date Revealed

Pokémon Go Gen 2 Release Date Revealed

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The release of second generation Pokémon is probably the most anticipated feature in the game but until now, the release date has been kept under wraps. It has yet to be confirmed but rumors have begun to circulate that second generation Pokémon will be coming in May 2017.

The addition of 100 new Pokémon mean that there will be more region specific Pokémon added to the game. We don’t know which Pokemon will be available in which regions but Parent Herald offered a few ideas:

“The second generation “Pokémon Go” will also include a number of region-locked Pokémons to complement the current four-region lock of the game. Still, there are now relative hints on what new “Pokémon Go” monsters will be included, but fans are already speculating that Miltank will be dedicated for North America and Heracross for Asia.

Aipon and Girafrig (Africa); Corsola (Australia); Dunsparce (Middle East); Snubbull (Europe); Stantler (North America and Canada or Europe) and Sudowoodo and Yanma (South America) are also eyed by fans to be included in the second installment. Delibird and Smeargle are good candidates for South America considering that the region doesn’t have a locked Pokémon, they added.”

An exciting feature that is also coming along with the release of Gen 2 Pokémon is baby Pokémon. Just like the original games, baby Pokémon can’t be caught–they can only be hatched from an egg.

Second generation Pokémon aren’t the only new things coming to the game. Trading and trainer battles will be added within the next few months. Neurogadget reports:

“Niantic hasn’t officially confirmed the date, but other dates are being noted for various game features. For example, the company will offer Pokémon Trading in October and, in December 2016 or January 2017; Pokémon Trainer Battles will be offered.

It’s believed the new Pokémon generation will have a number of region-locked Pokémon. Right now, there are four region-locked Pokémon – only unlocked in certain parts of the world.”

At least while we wait patiently for the release of Gen 2 Pokémon, we will have all new features like trainer battles and trading. Gen 2 can’t come soon enough!

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