Pokémon GO Trick: How to Get Unlimited Lucky Eggs & Incense

Pokémon GO Trick: How to Get Unlimited Lucky Eggs & Incense

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Pokémon GO has two items that most trainers love to use. Those two items are Lucky Eggs and Incense. Both items help you obtain Pokémon without having to be lucky enough to have one spawn next to you.

With this trick provided by redmondpie.com you are able to get unlimited lucky eggs and incense to help you get all the rare Pokémon you could want. Follow this guide carefully and you will be able to unlock your way to a massive amount of lucky eggs and incense:

Step 1: First of all, you’re going to need to use one of those cherished items in the normal way. For the Lucky Egg, simply use and set yourself up to gain double XP for the next 30-minutes. If Incense is your chosen weapon, then get that purple halo around your feet and attract Pokémon to your location.

If you’re feeling adventurous, use both and get double XP for the Pokémon that you catch using the Incense.


Step 2: Now, when you have used the item(s), leave the Pokémon Go app and launch the Settings app on your Android or iOS device. Head on over to the date & time settings which we will be tinkering with.

Step 3: Both iOS and Android provide an option to set the data and time automatically. Make sure that this is toggled off.

Step 4: Now that the automatic setting of the time and date is disabled, set the time on the device back but not by more than 30 minutes.

What will this do? It will increase the amount of time left that the Incense or Lucky Egg has to run.

Step 5: Head back into the Pokémon Go app and you will see that the time left on the Lucky Egg or Incense is now increased by the number of minutes you rolled back the device’s time in Step 4.


Sit back and enjoy the extended time period where hopefully you will be inundated with rare and exotic Pokémon flocking to your location.

If you’re having difficulty finding Lucky Eggs or Incense at PokéStops, or really don’t want to pay for them using real money, the above trick should prove useful.

  • Blinx Fortune

    it doesn’t work,after the 30 minutes it just resets the timer wild Pokemon stop getting attracted to that area

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