Pokémon Go Players Can Now Test New Tracker in These Cities

Pokémon Go Players Can Now Test New Tracker in These Cities

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Get ready, trainers, the new Pokémon tracking feature is coming! For months, the feature was only being tested in parts of San Francisco but Niantic has just announced three more areas where the tracker can be tested. Check out the official tweet below:

There is no official release date for the tracker at this point but this is a good sign that it will be coming soon. According to an official update from Niantic, they are currently testing so that they can soon introduce the feature to everyone:


As you might be aware, we’re currently testing a variation of the Nearby Pokémon feature in San Francisco, California. Starting today, we will be expanding the ability for Trainers in parts of Arizona, the Seattle area of Washington state, and the rest of the San Francisco Bay area to test this version of the feature. We will continue to review community feedback, make changes if necessary, and roll this feature out to more regions.

The Pokémon GO team”


Over the past week we’ve gotten some great news from Niantic including fewer Pidgey, Rattata, and Zubat spawns, a new nest migration, the Halloween event, and now a wider release of the tracker. Niantic is really listening to the fans and giving them what they want so expect a brand new tracker soon!

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