Pokémon GO News: Game Releases Epic New Tracking Feature

Pokémon GO News: Game Releases Epic New Tracking Feature

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Pokémon GO released it’s newest update, today (August 8, 2016), and it appears they have rolled out a new tracking feature to answer the angered community.  This new tracking feature replaces the three-footstep bug and also the non existent footstep issue.

The new tracking feature apparently shows a picture of exactly where the Pokémon can be found which is absolutely amazing for tracking Pokémon.  Trainers all over the internet are raving about it which is making it sound like it’s going to revolutionize tracking as we know it.

Keep in mind, they are starting to roll this feature out right now and it seems like it’s hitting everyone’s devices slowly, so be patient, Niantic is rolling it out slowly. Follow this thread on reddit to check on the status. Here are some photos of what it looks like, you can pretty much guess how it works:



  • Arcyne

    As cool as this seems, I’ll wait to judge it in a week when it actually functions properly.

  • Kristine Ryeng

    Why cant i update it

    • User2319

      Because you didn’t read.

      • Kristine Ryeng

        What kinda stupid answer is that

        • Bingyu Xie

          “They are starting to roll out this update, and it’s hitting people’s devices slowly” meaning there will be a lot of people that still haven’t gotten it yet.

          • Kristine Ryeng


  • Cllr George Firth

    While this may be excellent for those living in a town or city, those living more rural will find it very disheartening

    • Rachel Bear

      I live in a rural area, and I can tell the trees on one road from those on another, so I think it’ll still work for us.

  • Ann

    So, what is “Sightings” all about?

    • matthewmilad

      It’s what we’ve already had. The new “Nearby” is the new stuff.

    • Casey Sanders

      sightings are pokemon that will soon spawn

  • CloudeStrife

    i dont think thats how the new tracker works. it would show me whats nearby and it doesnt.

  • Jordan Bolch

    Not everyone got the nearby. Only select few did!

  • Erza-San

    I think this is the closest to practicality and near perfection.

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