Pokémon GO Tip: How to Get a Higher CP Before Catching a Pokémon

Pokémon GO Tip: How to Get a Higher CP Before Catching a Pokémon

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Whenever you encounter a Pokémon, sometimes you wish the CP was higher. Well there is a way you can obtain a higher CP before catching it.

It’s not 100% guaranteed it will be higher, but it definitely has a good chance of being higher. Maniacal42 on Reddit describes his experience of getting a higher Dratini just buy fleeing and reengaging it to re-roll the Pokémon’s CP.

Here is his story:

I walked to a Dratini spawn tonight with a group and was behind the leading folks, who had already ascertained that the Dratini was 95% IV (15/15/13) and worth keeping. I engaged it and it was 250ish cp, so I fled, evolved a Pidgey to level up since I was right on the cusp of leveling, and reengaged it at the new level/cp of 556, saving myself quite a bit of Dratini candy and stardust down the road when I evolve this guy into a Dragonite.
Definitely an uncommon corner-case scenario where you encounter a pokemon that you know a priori that you’d like to keep and happen to be close to a level, but it wasn’t something that I was sure would work until I tested it out.

Further more, Th3Element05, goes into deeper detail of how this actually works:

Here is the breakdown on how this all works:

A wild Pokémon spawns.

It’s IVs will be the same for every player.
It’s moves will be the same for every player.

The Pokémon’s level is “random”
The Pokémon’s level is represented by the arc behind them

I put “random” in quotations because it’s not a purely random number, the algorithm that generates the Pokémon’s level uses the player’s level as the seed to generate the Pokémon’s level. Thus, players who are the same trainer level will encounter Pokémon at the same level.
Edit for clarification: This does not mean that a higher player level will always encounter a higher level Pokémon. A higher trainer level simply means the maximum possible level of encountered Pokémon is higher. For example, (not exact numbers)
A level 10 trainer could encounter a Pokemon anywhere between level 1-12.
A level 20 trainer could encounter a Pokemon anywhere between level 1-22.
This means that the level 10 trainer could encounter the Pokemon and it’s level 10, while the level 20 trainer encounters the same Pokemon and it’s level 5.

Their CP is calculated based on the Pokémon’s base stats, IVs, and level. Since the Pokémon’s level is the only variable from player to player, if they are the same level then they will have the same CP.

This method is awesome especially if you are on a cusp of a new level and would like to see a higher CP before catching it.  Although, you do run the risk of the Pokémon running away so be mindful of that.

Please try this tip out and let us know how it worked for you in the comments below!

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