Pokémon GO Tips: Essential Gym Advice After Latest Patch

Pokémon GO Tips: Essential Gym Advice After Latest Patch

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After the latest patch, 1.50 and 0.35.0, gym battles have changed a bit being that you have to actually revive your Pokémon and can not use a previously found loophole that allowed you to keep that at 1HP.  It can be cumbersome if you burned through all your revives because you felt like they were very easy to come by.

Isantum and ThatEveeGuy of Reddit explain some simple tips that should be followed when fighting in gym battles.  Sometimes taking over a gym can be harder than you thought and you don’t want to miss out on these tips:

With the new update, it was clear that Pokémon fainted have to be revived rather than having them at 1HP, be it training with your team, battle an opponent’s team or the one which came back after being defeated.

Revives are getting hard to get in most cases and they can run out soon if attacking gyms is your best form of fun in the game (I am sure you chucked most of your Revives back then)

Revives and other items can’t be purchased either.

So in battle, please make use of changing Pokémon when they are at 1/10th of their HP. This makes it easy to manage Revives and switching Pokémon is a smooth transition in gym battles.

It must be one of those, “we know it, no need to tell us” things, but it’s better to put it down here.

Also remember to flee training battles if you can’t beat the current Pokemon. There’s no penalty for doing so, and it’ll save you from needing revives.

Saint_Hacker also talks about his experience with having at least 50 Pokémon that have zero HP and he has to fight for revives, daily:

Correct. I have at least 50 móns with zero HP. Spinning 13 different stops in my daily circuit which lasts about 45 minutes yields a maximum of 3 revives, and minimal potions. Sad that I’ve had to hatch more eggs to keep fighting.

Gyms are the only way I can earn coins as I got no intention of spending real money. Level 22 so far in 6 weeks

Well there you have it!  Start using those revives sparingly and try to take over gyms that you feel confident in doing.  The patch definitely makes it a bit more challenging which is a good thing.

Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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