Pokémon GO Trick: Get Over 100,000 EXP From a Single Lucky Egg

Pokémon GO Trick: Get Over 100,000 EXP From a Single Lucky Egg

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Getting experience from Pokémon GO can be cumbersome at higher levels and a lot of trainers feel how tedious it is to grind all of that experience. There is a way that allows you get over 100,000 experience.

This awesome trick requires you to evolve a lot of Pidgeys, Caterpies, Weedles, Rattatas and Zubats which almost everyone has. Finally, a use for all these common Pokémon. Here are the steps to getting this done:

Step 1: Activate the lucky egg

Step 2: Start Evolving any Pokemon like Pidgeys, Caterpies, Weedles, Rattatas, and Zubats

Step 3: Instead of sitting there while watching the Pokemon finish its evolution (which takes approximately 20 seconds), close the Pokemon GO app right after the evolution starts.

Step 4: Reopen the Pokemon GO app and start evolving Pokemon again

Step 5: Rinse and repeat Step 2-4

If you are worried that the evolution will not be counted when you close the app, don’t worry. It will still count

Here is how the method works according to pokemongopocket.com:

Assuming that the device you are using right now is one of the newest and fastest smartphone in the market, the loading time of Pokemon GO app is much faster because it can process all the required system to run the app. In my case, I am using iPhone 6s Plus which only takes around 12 seconds to load the Pokemon GO app. Assuming that I can load the game for 12 seconds, I can make 5 evolution in a minute or 150 evolution per 1 lucky egg which will be equal to 150,000 experience.

While this trick does not work for everyone because it depends on the device, you should check first if the device you are using can load the game fast. Keep in mind that newer smartphones can load up the game much faster than older device which load the app more than 30 seconds which makes this trick pointless.

Let us know how this trick worked for you. Remember to be using a smart phone that is new enough. Please comment your experience with this in the section below this article.

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